About Us



Hi, I’m Amy, owner and creative director of Make Create.

With over 15 years experience in the Advertising and Design Industry, my career began back in 2001 as a Graphic Designer working in an advertising agency in Adelaide, South Australia. I was employed there for 7 years, until I left in 2008, to start a business of my own. This is when Make Create was founded.

Make Create started as a graphic design business and has since grown into producing a stationery range which is sold at markets, in shops and online. Everything is produced by me, meaning the designs are all original and are drawn or created by me.

I am in favor of supporting local and Australian businesses, so all products are printed locally in South Australia. Any other elements I need are sourced from around Australia.

I am available for commissions or custom orders, and wholesale inquiries are always welcome.


Make Create, the stationery label, was a dream of mine. It was created in Adelaide, South Australia in 2014, when I decided to try out a creative business idea of publishing my designs onto greeting cards.

With a background in graphic design and sales, I found that working for others left me wanting a little more creative freedom and so a stationery label was born. It started when I designed a range of greeting cards, which led to my first retailers.

Since then the brand has grown to offer a unique collection of greeting cards, swings tags, wall art prints and invitations to stores throughout Australia and beyond, all are based purely on my original art and design.

The range is designed to be playful, modern and bold, with the designs made flexible enough to be adapted across a wide variety of items. The collection will continue to grow with many other products and ideas already in the pipeline.

Make Create is also a design studio, offering branding, websites and more.

The design studio